We partner with New and Exciting food brands bringing Innovation and Fun to dining.

The eating outside the home market has continued to grow year on year, even during the worst economic collapse in living memory. The economic downturn forced operators to reinvent themselves and encouraged new operators to the marketplace with new and modern takes on food, price and ambience which has all served to revitalise this sector. This new fertile market has caught the attention of international brands and you can now see the new and reinvented American brands of Burgers, Pizza and Sandwich outlets racing to our high streets and Shopping Centres as they try to lead the way in taking advantage of this upturn. 

Our directors have over 50 years of experience within the Food, Leisure and Retail industry at Senior Management level and have worked in partnership with all of the nationally recognised brands in each of these sectors. We work to a strict business model and our objective is to work with brand partners that are seeking to further their business working with experienced operators while we at the same time grow Indulge Holdings revenue opportunities. We truly understand the value of Brand Standards and working with systems that deliver the highest service standards to our customers. Collaborating with our colleagues and delivering continuous training to them is not only our FOCUS, it's our PASSION. 

As in any business Location, Location, Location is important and of course sites will differ depending on the brand partner that we are working with. We undertake robust due diligence surveys for each site and look for high footfall areas supported by a wide and dynamic demographic profile. We are always searching for great new locations for our outlets and we pay £300 to anyone who recommends a location where we sign contracts, so it's worth keeping your eyes open and letting us know.



Our customers mean everything to us and we go out of our way to be Welcoming, Attentive and Accommodating on every occasion. We build lasting relationships by injecting “Magic Dust Moments” as part of their experience at every opportunity.

Quality is our obsession and we are aware of this in everything we do.  

We value our colleagues, encourage their development and reward their performance and this feeling of respect follows through in our relationship with our business partners and our landlords.

We are part of every community in which we trade and as such we will ensure that our contribution is always positive. Our environmental impact will be constantly reviewed in order to be kept to a minimum.

We exhibit a strong will to win in every aspect of our business.


We are personally responsible for delivering on our commitments.

To provide at our venues services and products which allow our customers to enjoy food, drink and entertainment in a safe, secure and appealing environment.

To identify and develop new brands, services, facilities and locations to maintain and improve the business portfolio and continue to attract new customers.

Lead our employees towards excellence, recognise achievement and provide opportunities to develop their careers.

Maintain the integrity of the company and its brands

Growing the profit of the company year on year to benefit:
The customer with an experience they value
The environment using only those resources appropriate to our task
The employees with a fulfilling job
The shareholders and bankers with a sustainable and secure return, commensurate with the risk on their investment.

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